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Music by Andre Novoa and Manuel Pinheiro

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East of dead Lake Onda lies a malodorous mire like a festering, infected wound in a dying world. The swamp dwellers name it Targ-Dungel, but the Royal maps will not mention or even draw it. A spatial anomaly, it takes merely a day to circle the bog but more than a week to cross it. At the northern edge of the waters lies the hamlet of Traurish, the last outpost of Wästland's "civilization" and the base of operations for any cursed fool desperate enough to venture further into the mist.



PUTRESCENCE REGNANT is a MÖRK BORG bog crawl in LP vinyl format, yellow and black marbled, and these are the digital files. An adventure, or even short campaign if you will. The gatefold cover has a map of Targ-Dungel, rules for traveling, capsizing and drowning, information about the roaming undead bog bodies and a random encounter table for each of the three distinct sections of the bog: The Royal Swamps, Killer's Moor and The Rotlands.

Included in the record is also an 8-page insert full of stuff such as a map and description of the swamp hamlet Traurish, circa 20 minor locations as well as the three factions and their dwellings. Adding to this are creatures, swamp gas, foul smells and soggy death for hours upon hours of rotten play. 

The inner sleeve has a player-facing map on one side and the optional class Gilded Wolf by Greg Saunders on the other side. In short, it's a hunter with favored enemy: Nobles. 

So, trade your last grave silver for a good-enough boat, hold your nose, ready your battle axe and get ready for the foulest of all bogs. Welcome to Targ-Dungel, scum.

This is a collaboration between Stockholm Kartell, Ockult Örtmästare Games, Games Omnivorous and Exalted Funeral. The music is composed, played and recorded by The Dead Robots: Andre Novoa and Manuel Pinheiro. Guitars on Droned in Mud by Greg Anderson. Clarinet on Rotlands Miasma by Mange Maria. Narration on The Calendar of Nechrubel by Wayne June. Produced by Manuel Pinheiro and Andre Novoa. Recorded, mixed and mastered at Estúdio dos Pinheiros by Manuel Pinheiro.

The text is written by Johan Nohr, Pelle Nilsson and Greg Saunders. The art and graphic design are by Johan Nohr. The editing is by Brian Yaksha and the proofreading is by Fiona Maeve Geist, Jarrett Crader and Walton Wood. It is published by Cristin Kelley and Matt Kelley of Exalted Funeral. The first pressing is by Deeprgrooves, the Netherlands, 2021.

CategoryPhysical game
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AuthorJohan Nohr
GenreAdventure, Role Playing
TagsFantasy, mork-borg, mrk-borg, Tabletop role-playing game


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I love this adventure! The setting, art and background story are really cool! I wonder, though; would you consider expanding this by adding an interior map of the Floating Basilica, and the specific number of Scions in each room?


I figure I may be too late, but is there a chance that there will be a restock of the physical vinyl sometime in the future?

Where can I buy the music?

There’s a link to where you can buy the album at the very top of the page

I only see the link for the physical album. Is there a Bandcamp link or anything like that for the music?

Ah, no not at the moment. I’m trying to convince Games Omnivorous to get it up there though!

Yeah! I heard a couple snippets which were great but I don't have Spotify or an LP player so Bandcamp or itch seem my best bet.